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by NickJ at Sep 22, 2014
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Welcome to - The Internet's largest Kawasaki Ninja H-2 Forum. We aim to be a friendly community dedicated to the Kawasaki Ninja H-2. You can ask questions, get expert opinions from other owners, post pictures, videos and more. To take full advantage of the site you need to Register - It's free. Click here to register!

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by NickJ at Oct 27, 2014
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Take the frame picture that we saw a few weeks ago, add some heat wrap, a headlight, a seat and a few clever ways for air to flow into the motor and you have the H2 Naked Bike rendering that Gannet Designs motorcycle rendering artist, Ulfert Janssen came up with.

Looks like this bike would be able to kill you with the quickness if you ask me. The epitome of live fast, die pretty. What do you guys and gals think? Are you going to be dropping all of that beautiful carbon fibre aero work that Kawie did to run a barroom brawler like this?
by Zedzedor at Oct 15, 2014
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No real details in addition to what we already know, or don't know, but interesting all the same... link

Are any of the USA based gentlemen who frequent this forum planning on attending this thing? :)
by hesaves0211 at Oct 9, 2014
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Unlike your conventional belt driven SC the centrifugal makes it complicated to swap out or upgrade its output. Whereas your typical sc would just swap out the pullies, however to upgraded your SC from its proposed 250hp street build would mean reworking its entire drive. Very curious to see how this pans out on a street platform. I personally value low-end tq, the H2R boast a mere 100ft lbs, thats cute and all but that tells me the H2 street may only 70ft lbs which quite frankly most liter bikes and beyond already do so.
New Kawasaki H2 video reveals planetary gearset drive for supercharger | Sport Rider
by NickJ at Oct 9, 2014
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Lookie lookie what just hit the interwebs! A sauce, who shall remain nameless, just posted some interesting photos of his computer screen. What is on that computer screen you might ask?! It just so happens to be the Specs for the Ninja H2R, and the Ninja H2. What is different from the information that we already know is the interesting part...

It just so happens to have a bit of pricing, and some BHP numbers for both of the bikes. We all know that the Ninja H2R is being reported to have 300 of those BHPs, and this screen is showing this same number. When you get a closer photo of the numbers on the screen, you see that the Ninja H2 is also on the screen. And that BHP number is also legible. The Ninja H2 will have, what appears to be 250 BHP.

Here is the fun part! There is pricing as well! I won't tease this out. The Ninja H2R is going to be priced at $64,999.95, which is in line with what we saw earlier this week. The 250 BHP Ninja H2 is a bargain at a mere $29,999.95. This is just above what we were actually expecting, but far less than what some dealers have been saying.

The closeup is in the thread: Kawasaki Ninja H2R / H2 Pricing and BHP Leaked! | Ninja H2 Forum
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